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About UsAbout Us

Pandora's Web is a project of Pandora Telecom, LLC -- a sustainable telecommunications company based in beautiful and green Hood River, Oregon. Pandora Telecom, LLC was founded in 2006 and focuses on telecommunications products such as VOIP PBX and service, web and server hosting, web design and custom telephony application programming.

Today, Pandora Telecom, LLC is a local leader in environmentally sustainable web hosting supporting the needs of individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses.

Social Responsibility

We take great pride in being a socially responsible company. We help our community by offering discounted web hosting and telecommunications services to non-profit organizations to help out their great cause. We carefully consider every decision we make to ensure a positive impact to our environment, community, customers and employees.

Environmentally Friendly

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co. in 2008, the world's datacenters are projected to surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter by 2020. We are committed to utilize datacenters powered by clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. In cases where we need to utilize a datacenter that is not supplied by clean, renewable energy, we look for companies that have green initiatives that include increased efficiency and carbon neutrality programs. Plus, for datacenters not supplied by clean, renewable energy, we will purchase Green-e certified renewable energy credits to cover operating and cooling energy for the equipment we use in those facilities.

We also encourage our employees to telecommute to save thousands of gallons of fuel. Employees are also encouraged to sign up for green power programs with their local electric utility where available. EWEB's Greenpower program supplies 100% clean, renewable energy to employee homes and offices in the Eugene, Oregon area. In the Hood River, Oregon area, Pacific Power's Blue Sky program is used to supply 100% clean, renewable energy to employee homes and offices.